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November 5, 2012


Branding is a big deal in business. As sick as I am of the word, not
even I can ignore its importance.

How do people feel about your brand? Do they feel reassured by its
professionalism, or irked by a business owner who doesn’t feel confident
enough to play the game?

I think if you ask someone for their money, they want to feel like it’s
going into good hands. Costs are kept reasonable, and customer
experience is top priority. But the most effective way to reassure
people is simply by having your sh*t together.

Business cards, online advertising, blogs. They all show confidence in
your brand. It takes people from interest to purchase.

We would like to thank Magenta
for sending us this rad little iPad cover, reminding us to
write, and write often 🙂

It makes for a great thank you gift for a small business that has helped
you out.

xo Holland


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