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Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

February 21, 2013


If you havent seen Rebecca Northans Kung Fu Panties: Redux yet
you need to get your cute bum to Loose Moose Theatre ASAP or risk being
karate-chopped by an international assassin!


The production, produced by local theatre success story Rebecca Northan,
was more than just a regular theatre play. It was also an incredible
opportunity for young emerging talent to work with Northan and absorb
her wisdom and knowledge. With over six weeks of fight choreography,
comedy and improv training, the cast has left their role as mentees with
groundbreaking confidence. Well be seeing these actors elsewhere very
soon, I am sure of it!


An action-packed comedy thriller, the story follows The Sisterhood,
three feisty crime fighters outfitted in skin-tight catsuits, in hot
pursuit of the hilarious yet evil gangster Alberto Flores. Throughout
their journeys across the globe, the ass-kicking super women crack
hysterical one-liners and change the world one show at a time.


If anything, the in-between scenes ninjas-cum-narrators will make you
scream with laughter.


Loose Moose Theatre

Kung Fu Panties: REDUX

Running until March 9th

Tickets range from $20-$30



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