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the Rose of Venice

March 21, 2013

While the worlds greatest freakshow still entices tourists to Venice
Beach, we prefer to explore the the spots where laid back cool belies
some serious sophistication. Whats the heart of Venice Beach these days?
The action has shifted to Rose Avenue, a few blocks over, where rents
are cheaper, the stores more eclectic and you can breathe in the
potential of a neighbourhood that is about to become the new it. Get
there before the others do.


Rose Avenue
, an eco-luxe vacation rental remodelled by a local
architect, is spacious and private, and close enough to the beach,
restaurants and shops. Park the car, rent a cruiser bike, a.k.a. Venices
de-facto wheels and you will slip into local mode instantly.


Oscars Cerveteca
(pictured) is the neighbourhood joint for all occasions, but brunch is a
standout with wild salmon tacos that arrive in steaming tortillas; beer
battered waffles with caramelized peaches and applewood bacon; and (for
those with lighter tastes,) a tasty breakfast salad with greens, avocado
and grapefruit. 523 Rose Ave. Venice, CA,

Located in the Archstone, a new Platinum Leed Certified building that
cemented Rose Avenues gentrification, Café
Venice outpost features the San Francisco-based organic,
vegan chains signature juices, elixirs, smoothies and delicious
southwest inspired vegan cuisine that will entice you no matter what
your eating preferences may be. The raw desserts are exceptional. 512
Rose Ave., Venice, CA,


Over at Moon
(pictured), try the Goodness Greens for a morning boost and a
pure ginger shot with raw honey if you need some more immune boosting
zing for your California Glow at this cold-pressed organic juice bar
flocked by cleansing devotees. 507 Rose Ave., Venice, CA,

Venice Beach Wines is where you go for your post sunset glass of
prosecco, or perhaps a crisp Belgian ale. The tiny patio is also perfect
for a post dinner conversation over a bottle of that hard to find
zinfandel from Mendocino. Venice Beach Wines, 529 Rose Ave.


Yes, Rose Avenue also has the requisite artsy coffee/ breakfast hangout.
That would be Flake. Come for the coffee, stay for the decadent Acai
bowls with heapings of fresh fruit and granola. 513 Rose Ave., Venice,


Eclectic lifestyle store The
Golden State
pays a nostalgia-meets-today homage to Southern
California culture. Browse one of a kind art prints by local artists,
find a vintage inspired one-piece by cult swimwear lines Salt or Cali
Dreaming, and pick up a hand thrown platter by Venices own potters Luna
Garcia. 564 Rose Ave., Venice, CA,

Founded by a botanist who views plants as the ultimate art, the Big Red
Sun is a dreamy emporium filled with things you will want both inside
and outside your perfect home. It also moonlights as a setting for
invite-only pop up dinners. Leaf through a coffee table book on design
diva Vera; covet a vintage French linen upholstered armchair; or lose
yourself in the inviting garden out back. If you stay long enough, you
may snag an invite to dinner. 560 Rose Ave. Venice, CA,

Insiya Rasiwala-Finn


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