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My Juice, My Self

April 17, 2013

Spring, blooming cherry blossom trees, Earth Day – the change of season
is in the air, which means a clean sweep is in order.

And not
just for our closet. This is the perfect time of year to asses the
contents of our pantry and let go off all the remaining Easter chocolate
and sadly, ketchup chips.

It’s also time to stock up on the fresh food, which is where The Juice
Box comes in handy. If a straight-up juice cleanse isn’t for you (we’ve
tried, and it actually is an amazing reset for the body), then juicing
with a combination of whole and raw foods is a fantastic option, too.

The Juice Box dropped off a a series for us to try (because they are
uber-fresh, they last about 3 days, which wasn’t a problem for us). I
loved the glass bottles, which gave it the feel of an old-fashion milk
carton and made reusing a snap – we kept a few for water bottles. (The
can also be returned for deposit or recycled.)

On the menu:
Tumeric Tonic, which definitely had a bite, Deep Green with Lemon (kale,
cucumber and celery), Heartbeat (the girls in the office raved about
this beet and apple concoction), and my favourite Carrot Orange and
Ginger (couldn’t get enough of this one).

If you’ve never tried cold-pressed juice, it’s not your run-of-the-mill
drink. It’s filling and gives an instant energy boost that lasts much
longer than caffeine or sugar (minus the yucky crash). I’m terrible at
eating breakfast, so found a juice a great substitute for that, as well
as the dreaded 3 o’clock hunger pain. An office mate took a green juice
to yoga for a post-om refreshment and absolutely loved it.

not missing those chocolate eggs at all, I swear.


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