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Heart of Glass

April 25, 2013

A few weeks ago, Aeroplan
hosted a glass blowing event at the East Vancouver studio of Braden
. I signed up because 1. I’ve always be curious as to how
glass blowings works 2. I like artists’ studios and 3. I’m deficient
when it comes to any kind of craft/artwork, so I thought a lesson would
be helpful.

It’s a working glass studio, so walking around barefoot is not advised.
Safety goggles are a must (no photos, please!) when using the burners,
and snooping was definitely allowed. After a few demonstrations by
Braden, we got our pick of glass sticks.

Which you then start turning in front of the very hot burners. It sounds
a bit weird to put a glass stick in front of a flame, but you quickly
get used to it.

While Braden is a master at turning out perfectly shaped beads my beads
were not so… round. But that’s what Etsy
is for



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