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think outside the lunch box

September 4, 2013

Want to add an eco-friendly element to your midday meal? Heres a few
ways to achieve a litterless lunch.

We are going to reduce our reusable water bottle collection (we all have
at least ten, right?) and buy one perfect bottle. The KOR
Vida Hydration Vessel
is just that. Its ergonomic handle and smooth
spout (they call it the Perfect Spout) doesnt make use feel like we are
drinking from a tin can. And it looks so much better than the branded
plastic bottle we got at our last company picnic. $23.99 from Raspberry

RuMe Reveal Reusable Baggies
are an excellent way to reduce our
consumption of plastic sandwich bags. They are machine washable, water
resistant, and free of PVC, lead and phthalates. Fill them with nuts,
fruit, or cookies (we are opting for the latter). $8 at Lavish and Lime.

Glasslock food storage
may be heavier than stainless steel, but they
are microwavable and great for freezing food, too. We all want to be
those types of people who prepare healthy homemade lunches on the
weekend, freeze them, and bring them to work over the next few days.
Glasslock works perfectly for this. Or for bringing leftover Chinese
food to the office. 6 piece set, $24.99 at Canadian Tire.

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg


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