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All Treat, No Trick: 3 celebrity-inspired Halloween costumes

October 30, 2013

With just one day left till Halloween, we need a costume that requires minimal fuss (no face paint or fighting through the aisles of a costume store this year). So we’ve turned to the tabloids for some inspiration.

It’s almost too easy, but the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana – yes, Miley Cyrus – will be a popular costume this year. Twist hair into nubbins, stick your tongue out and cut an old T-shirt into a crop top. And if you have a novelty foam finger laying around, well, you know what to do with it. This is a costume that definitely has an expiration date – about 15 minutes.

Get some crazy nail art, mix an outfit of wild prints and spend the night in the corner taking selfless – Rihanna would be proud.



The Girls cast will be a hot group costume this year (especially since Lena Dunham asked people to tweet her their get-ups). While all of the characters are easy to emulate, free-spirited boho Jessa would be the most fun. Loose high knot bun, loose blouse, dark lipstick and an incredibly bored facial expression should do the trick.

Consider that Halloween candy well earned.

Maria Tallarico


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