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November 22, 2013


I’d heard some talk of a new hotel that had quietly opened on Queen
West. Perched by John St, and perfect for a night that went later than
expected. The Beverley has 16
rooms, an incredible menu created by Eric Wood, and today – some
Icelandic talent.

I was invited to a secret gig, Unnstein from Retro Stefson, Hermigervill
and Sigga and Hogni from Hjaltalin played to a limited list of 40
people, and they were really, bloody great.

Hogni looks like a futuristic vampire rockstar, but has a voice that’s
soft and ethereal. When Sigga was asked about her favourite ‘hidden
treasure’ in Iceland, she told us all about a place where the sand is
pure white, and the only shop for miles is a patisserie. Iceland just
moved to the top of the must visit list.

The event was thrown as part of the Inspired by Iceland effort, to share
some of the best Iceland has to offer. With Iceland-inspired fare,
gorgeous music, and an enthusiastic crowd, I got to enjoy the new hotel
space in its glory.

Although I can’t say I ever really hotel in my own city – I’ll be back
here for lunch in the window seat as soon as I can.

Fabulous food, fabulous find, all around.

xo Holland

Photos by Katherine


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