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festive fuchsia

December 4, 2013

Red and green is so last Christmas.

According to our very trusty sources (hint hint: Debbie Travis), the seasons It colour for holiday décor is berry pink. But dont go mixing this offbeat hue in with your existing collection of ornaments: Here are Debbies top tips for a chic holiday tree.

1. Commit to a colour

Random rarely works especially when it comes to decorating! Pick a colour and stick to it. (If youre going berry pink, we love these glitter ball ornaments, $3 at Canadian Tire).

2. Choose your aesthetic

Deciding whether youre in the mood for a modern, traditional or even whimsical look will help determine your accent colour and shape of your ornaments.

3. Layer the look

Start with lights, then add garlands or ribbon, and follow with ornaments (larger ones first, and smaller ones to fill in the gaps). Finish with sprays, tinsel and your tree topper.

Cant commit to a single scheme? Debbie has the perfect solution: Make several trees!

Isnt it good to have options? Christine Laroche

Find the Debbie Travis collection at


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