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sponsored: 5 apps that keep us sane

December 17, 2013

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Mint, the no-brainer budgeting app, makes a ton of cents (sorry, we couldn’t resist). It uses your past spending habits to create a monthly budget for everything from groceries to gas to the important stuff (like shopping and coffee). With the app, we never have a reason to skip or forget an entry.

Fancy is like Pinterest on steroids. Described as, “part store, magazine and wishlist,” this app melds curated content with commerce. Yes, you can actually shop all the pretty stuff that people post (and they can shop your picks, too).

We’re a slave to our to-do list – who isn’t? Tick helps manage all of the outstanding tasks; simply create a category and an icon will pop up. Add all of your responsibilities to it and once completed, you can give ‘em a satisfying swipe (thus striking it off the list). Done and done!

If being more organized is a top resolution on your list for 2014, make life a little simpler with Canary. This wunder calender can tell you not just when your appointments are, but also how much free time you have (something usually lost with scheduling apps). And for the odd time you are running late, it will send a message so you don’t have to.

Find My iPhone/Droid. Because it’s the holidays (read: Champagne and taxi season), this Plan B can quickly become a lifesaver.

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