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Never forget, with Giftagram

December 20, 2013

GiftagramI’m not going to tell you how many days are left before Christmas because you and I both know it’s too few and we’re just. not. ready.

I tried hitting the mall, and came home with a bag full of things for a universal "someone" and nothing for "that someone". There are just too many options, and the malls are not doing us any favors.

Buy 6 get 2 free, buy one get 50% off the second. All this leads to is a pile of stuff. A pile of stuff with no home, and you with an entire pre-Christmas day wasted.

So stop messing around, and get Giftagram.

You know I never endorse anything I don’t love, and I have already used this Toronto-based app, and I LOVE it.

Apps like this have been done before, but they haven’t been done well. This is done well. All you need is the email address or phone number or the person you would like to send a gift to, and a credit card, and your gifting is done. No joke. And if you don’t have their number, then why are you gifting them anyway?

So where apps like this tend to go terribly wrong is in the choice of gifts. They curate some weird variety of lame items that you would never really want to give anyone – so you’re really just capitalizing on a convenience to their expense. This app gifts them everything you were going to give them anyway! You just don’t have to actually go out and buy it.

For the amount of work it takes to text your pal, you can send them a bottle of Moet. You can send them Jenny Bird necklaces, Balzacs coffee, dirty board games, Ray-bans, Malin & Goetz candles, a facial, a massage, a manicure, a yoga package. It’s bloody amazing stuff, and it takes 3 seconds of foresight.

How are you not doing this. Right now.

That is my Christmas present to you, pets…

Gift on.

xo Holland 


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