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Couch Potato Chronicles: TV Shows to Binge On

December 24, 2013

Orange is the new BlackWe’ve watched more than our fair share of sappy Christmas TV and movies. The perfect palate cleanser? Binge-watching Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, a gritty series that takes place in a women’s prison. Bonus: It was written by Jenji Kohan (creator of Weeds, which was really good before it got really bad) and season two is just around the corner. —Christine Laroche, Montreal Editor

Mi-5I can’t quite manage to stay awake for an entire movie, so I’m hooked on TV series on Netflix. Since the final season of Breaking Bad isn’t on there yet, I’m going to indulge in crime dramas like Homeland, The Shield, and an oldie but goodie, MI-5, which is about the secret service in London. I miss those British accents. —Alexandra Suhner Isenberg, Fashion Editor

veep In its fifth season, The Good Wife is hitting a new high in every way (storyline, acting and writing). Julianna Margulies is pitch perfect as the "stand by your man" political wife who is thrust back into the workforce after her husband is caught in a compromising position (er, positions). On the other end of the political spectrum, Veep, starring comedy stalwart Julia Louis Dreyfus (pictured), is a hilarious insider look at the day-to-day life of a gaffe prone vice president. Both available on iTunes. —Maria Tallarico


Don't Trust the B I was devastated when Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 was cancelled earlier this year.  My girl crush Krysten Ritter is actually hilarious as NYC party-girl Chloe, showing naïve June the cut-throat world of life in the big city and James Van Der Beek playing an egotistic version of himself is perfection. You’ll be laughing-out-loud and hooked after one episode.  Seasons one and two are available on iTunes.   —Sara Samson


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