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The Wait is Over

January 17, 2014

More than six months after last year’s flooding, two beloved Mission restaurants have re-opened their doors.

WurstWurst has made a strong recovery with some playful new rebranding (seriously, who doesn’t love “From Bad To Wurst”) and new menu items. Since the beloved beer hall was actually underwater, the bar, tables, booths and just about everything had to be redone, but they were able to salvage the oak tables and communal benches made from imported wood from Germany.

Mission Diner also reopened with a new menu but fret not, the beloved Bacon Caesar is still on the menu and there’s no time like the present to stop by for one.

Or three. —Sara Samson

Wurst, 2437 4th St. SW, 403-245-2345,
Mission Diner, 2308 4th St. SW, 403-453-0330,


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