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Sponsored: The Taste of Victory

January 28, 2014

target taste of victoryLast week I had the honour of cooking (yes, cooking!) at the Target Canada and Pathways to Education’s event in Toronto’s Regent Park. It was big, big deal as Target announced it was donating $200,000, on top of the $50,000 that they donated in 2013, to to Pathways to Education — an organization that provides youth in low-income with mentoring, tutoring and financial assistance—towards promoting healthy lifestyles and nutrition. The event’s enthusiastic host, Michael "Pinball" Clemons, put it best: “The more education you have, the healthier you are at every stage in life." Obviously: healthy body, healthy mind.

The theme of the night was sandwiches. So, what did my team come up with? Baba Peach Swiss Turkey Balls. Sounds intriguing, no? (We heard whispers that the sandwich was a taste revelation—not that I got competitive or anything!) 

Here’s the recipe (all from Target): 

Turkey meatballs
Baba Ghanoush
Peach salsa
Roast red pepper
Swiss cheese

Served best grilled (with lettuce and tomato), of course!

And, yes, I got to keep my chef whites. — Anya Georgijevic 


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