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March 12, 2014

You might know this city like the back of your hand, but if not, fake it with MyLowerMainland, the latest app we’ve downloaded in the pursuit of perpetual practicality.

My Lower MainlandUsing your location for reference, the app takes account of everything around you – from cultural events to coffee shops to the nearest bathroom – and will map out your fastest route there. It’s infinitely useful – say, you’re mincing through Gastown in a pair of Armani pumps when utter disaster strikes: heel breakage. After thoroughly cursing cobblestones and demanding to know what that lady walking her shih tzu is staring at, whip out MyLowerMainland and find Nika Design & Shoe Repair faster than you can say “what the hell, Giorgio, these are new.”

Or, imagine your boo booked spontaneous tickets to Hawaii, leaving right after work on Friday, and oh my god it’s so romantic except your last wax was in the Byzantine era and that really needs to be addressed. Boom – you have a list of every spa from here to YVR at your fingertips, complete with contact information and price-range.

The app gets extra points in our book for featuring a “Summer Treats” subheading under its Dining section, just in case we ever forget where Bella Gelateria is (we could find Bella Gelateria in the apocalypse, but still, it’s super cute). Also, it’s absolutely free – making this spur of the moment little black book a must-have for urban ladies on the go.
—Adrienne Matei


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