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Best of Wurst

April 3, 2014

‘Twas an über night of storytelling at last month’s Rain City Chronicles. Created by the event’s charming and talented co-founder, Lizzy Karp, and co-hosted by Peaks broadcaster Cory Ashworth, the Chronicles is a Vancouver-focused storytelling series rife with musical interludes, plenty of bevvys and, sometimes, dinner.

Raincity  rain city

Growing in popularity since is inception in 2009, each night we’ve attended has been fully sold out.

March’s theme was "Das Lexicon," with each of the nine stories presented celebrating some of the best words in the German vocabulary. The food, on the other hand, was the wurst—Bestiewurst, that is, served up by our pals at Bestie with help from local food hero Ken Tsui. Dessert included (what else) black forest cupcakes.

raincity  raincity

Each speaker braved the staged to tell personal, hilarious stories that resonated with the 300-plus crowd. From poltergeists to "a face that needs a fist in it," each tale was told with passion, humility, humour and gusto.

raincity  rain city

You can’t go wrong with a musical performance by these guys:

rain city

"No one had any fun. It was terrible," said no one, ever.

rain city  rain city

Past favourites include: Marry and Bury (at a church), Hotel Stories (from the Roof at the Fairmont Vancouver), and the Great Escape (Orpheum annex).

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it is that makes Raincity so special. Is it the perfectly co-ordinated locations? The theme? The presenters? Or is it the people who support such a cause? We aren’t quite sure what it is, but we do know one thing: everyone has a story to tell, so danke for sharing.  —Kate LeGresley

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Photos by Grady Mitchell.


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