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The Best Local Easter Treats

April 17, 2014

When we were kids, it was all about Cadbury Crème Eggs. Crème Eggs on Crème Eggs, slurped down with reckless abandon, glaucous coagulated sugar paste streaked with yellow in a self-contradictory nod to nature. Certainly, Crème Eggs have their place in the world (and, most recently it seems, in a McFlurry)—but, since adulthood, that place is no longer our gullets. Our tastes have become discerning … enough to recommend the crème de la crème of Vancouver’s sweet and sophisticated Easter treats.

chicksugar sugar: Kreation’s whimsical Handmade Sugar Cookies win the adorability award. These little chicks and eggs remind us of the illustrations in an ancient children’s book we once had—it was a story about bunnies that painted spring colours on the landscape. The best-baked goods take you on a (sugar-laced) nostalgia trip—that’s a fact. Plus, these are crumbly and delicious and gratuitously void sugar crystals with every bite.

eggsshell shock: Faubourg Paris has made Easter Egg-shaped macarons. Bigger than a typical macaron, these nuggets of glory are slightly chocolate-dipped, enabling them to stand at attention (cute for an Easter brunch table). Their citrus flavour is a standout—the perfect level of tang tempers the sweetness, like your favourite lemon bars meet a really classy Oreo. In true form to the best macarons, the light shell and creamy middle unite, reaching a dessert apotheosis that’s actually kinda thematically in line with rebirth. Happy Easter, indeed.

bunnyhop to it: You can see the fear in the eyes of Butter Baked Goods’ Bunny S’more. It has every reason to be scared—comprised of two not-too-sweet chocolate cookies and an ethereal strawberry marshmallow, it’s going to get devoured no matter how cute it is. We like it as an alternative to your typical chocolate bunny – it’s different, but you still get to gnaw the ears off of something.

And isn’t that what Easter’s all about? —Adrienne Matei


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