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Summer Anthem: No Bad Days

May 14, 2014

posterBESTiE is a local band that sounds like the head rush you get after laying in the sun for two hours then sprinting to catch the ice cream truck.

Beatific to the extreme, the group self-describes as “tropi-vibing emoji pop” and, while that doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense before you hear their debut album, “No Bad Days,” it’s actually completely accurate. Super-groovy single “Pineapple” is a golden melody that’s soundtracked every exultant, wind-in-your-hair, cruising-down-the-highway, top-down moment of your life (whether you’ve been conscious of it or not). “Sriracha,” then, is a beachy tune complete with cheeky references to “puffing purple under the rosy sun.” And standout track “Foolish Hearts” manages to take the hot-weather-heartbreak feel so adroitly captured by Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” and give it a lakeside-campfire howl of lush regret. Vibes are vaporous, super fun and as squintingly bright as the summer sun glinting off the Pacific.

In sum, “No Bad Days” is a killer local album that perfectly pins the feel of Vancouver summer daze; you’ll be listening to it on repeat. —Adrienne Matei

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