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May 21, 2014

lana del reyLana Del Rey’s upcoming show at the PNE Amphitheater sold out in, literally, a nanosecond.

Being the kind of mega-fan who dressed up as Lana for not one but two consecutive Halloweens (though, honestly, the second time was laziness) I managed to snag a ticket on pre-release. That’s right. A ticket. As in one. At the time I thought, “Whatever. Everyone I know in the universe is going to be at this concert.” I am now looking at lone-wolfing it to the show, happening on May 25th. In any case, check out my top five LDR moments below, compiled to celebrate her glorious, pillow-lipped arrival to our particular slice of the West Coast.

Oh, and, if you’re going to this show, look for me. I’ll be the one holding myself and crying during “Young and Beautiful.” Say hi? —Adrienne Matei


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