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Vancouver’s Best Dumplings

January 30, 2015

wontonForget raindrops on roses and wet puppy noses and all that other assorted tomfoolery. On our list of "favourite things," every item is "dumplings." Soup dumplings, fried dumplings, dumplings of all origin and filling; these little parcels of greatness put hearts in our eyes and growls in our bellies. Of course we searched the city for the best dumplings around. Now our crispy-juicy-steamy discoveries are yours to crave.

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—Adrienne Matei

Vancouver’s Best Dumplings

By Vitamin Daily

From xiao long bao to cheddary pierogies, we’ve got ’em hot, steamed, fried, juicy and waiting for you to click through right here.

  • Pork & prawn wontons at Bao Bei

    By Vitamin Daily

    It’s tough to pick between these XO-curry consommé-lapped babies or the delicate truffled pork dumplings. Just order both.

  • Hot Chili Veg Dumplings in Garlic at Green Lettuce

    By Vitamin Daily

    This Indian-style Chinese restaurant makes perfect, pungent, savoury vegetarian dumplings lashed in hot, garlicy sauce.   

  • Ricotta gnocchi at Nicli’s Next Door

    By Vitamin Daily

    Cloud-textured nuggets are auspiciously paired with chanterelles, chestnuts and smoked porchetta, and lasciviously butter-browned.

  • Vegetable Bean Curd Dumplings at Ningtu

    By Vitamin Daily

    The best textural combination imagined (c’mon, saucy, fried, and veggie-filled? Mercy). 

  • Gyoza at Gyoza King

    By Vitamin Daily

    Fantastic in every flavour (pork, chicken, spinach…) these unite a perfect crisp-chewy wrapper with juicy fillings and call for a splash of vinegary dipping sauce and an Asahi.

  • Siu Mai at Golden Paramount Seafood

    By Vitamin Daily

    Golden Paramount’s strip-mall locale is often described as "nondescript," but its juicy siu mai? Super descript. 

  • Pierogies at Ukrainian Village

    By Vitamin Daily

    Filled with cottage cheese, sauerkraut or potato and cheddar, these home country faves are second only to you babcia’s. 

  • Cho Muang at Sawasdee Thai

    By Vitamin Daily

    Get a load of these dumplings! Stuffed with spiced chicken and artistically shaped like purple blossoms, they’re almost too pretty to eat.

  • Momos at Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

    By Vitamin Daily

    Served alongside chutneys for dipping, these Tibetan-style steamed dumplings come with a wide array of fillings (try the yak).

  • Matzoh Ball Soup at Solley’s

    By Vitamin Daily

    Is this chicken soup the best comfort food in the known universe? Probably.

  • Spring Rolls at Bao Chau

    By Vitamin Daily

    These chewy, deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls are widely considered to be the best in town.

  • Teppan Gyoza at Gyoza Bar & Ramen

    By Vitamin Daily

    When you want the exterior-crispness factor amped up so each bite perfectly shatters, try these addictive teppan gyoza, served in a cast-iron pan.

  • Afghan Mantu at Downtown Donair & Kebab

    By Vitamin Daily

    This under the radar West End spot makes killer donair, but don’t miss their beef and onion filled Afghan dumplings smothered in tomatoes. 

  • Spicy Tangy Dumplings at Peaceful Restaurant

    By Vitamin Daily

    Swimming in a chili-oil licked broth, this dumpling soup’s been called "Vancouver’s most awesome."

  • Mushroom Dumplings at Jade Seafood

    By Vitamin Daily

    These translucent steamed dumplings burst with meaty mushrooms and are fragrant with truffle oil.

  • Xiao Long Bao at Lin Chinese Cuisine & Tea House

    By Vitamin Daily

    Conde Nast Traveller deemed these savoury soup dumplings the world’s best, and they’re $4.99.

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    By Vitamin Daily

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