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Our Khats Recap

July 14, 2015

1Vancouver’s biggest street party, Khatsahlano, was not only huge this year, but it was a huge success, too. 

And how could it not be, with 10 blocks chocked with Kitsilano’s amazing businesses all providing fun incentives to stop and shop, loads of awesome food trucks, and amazing live music to boot. We spent the day hanging out at the new Etsy Marketplace, which was booming with artisans and creative alike. We were beyond thrilled to have met current and loyal subscribers, so thank you for 2stopping by to say hello! And to everyone who subscribed to their daily dose of the good life last weekend, keep an eye on your inbox as we are going through the entries and will announce the winners of our tasty-treat pool floats and Privilege Clothing Playa Towel prizes shortly. A huge thank you to everyone who entered!

Until next year! —Kyrstin Tysire


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