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New Eats: Nectar Juicery

July 17, 2015

nectarNectar Juicery‘s cold-pressed goodness is available via delivery cleanses, juice taps at local cafés and, now, from its very own brick-and-mortar shop.

The first commercial venture by interior designer Kelly Deck, Nectar’s sweet new storefront is decorated in what co-founder Tori Holms terms "Scandi-fornia" style, with minimalism rendered in shades of sage and copper, Marrakech tiling and a light installation by Matt McCormick that conceptually mimics the evolution of a seed. "We want to carry every obscure health trend," explains Holms of Nectar’s expanded menu, which features items like marine plasma shots, smoothie bowls, organic salads and adaptogen lattes—infused almond milks tailored with specific vitamin concoctions to boost physical, mental and sexual performance (all employees are holistic nutritionists). Though there is only seating for four, a pull-down table transforms the shop into a community meeting space and terracotta juice growlers let you grab a jug of green to go. 

Nectar officially opened this week; guess what celeb was its first customer?! —Adrienne Matei

Nectar Juicery, 102 W Hastings St., Vancouver, 604-762-4467,


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