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July 22, 2015

torrentWith summer food prep all frosty smoothies, easy sauces and fresh dips, the release of a brand-new blender by KitchenAid is timely.

Trust us, this ain’t no ordinary mixer. Stylish enough to sit pretty on any kitchen counter (in three fetching colours, to boot), the Torrent ($600 at is the first front-loading blender with magnetic drive technology—meaning it uses magnets to lock the pitcher in place, just like many a coffee maker. Boasting plenty of pre-programmed, hands-free blend settings, we appreciated how our test unit automatically sped up and slowed down—without any intervention on our part—in order to gain the perfect culinary consistency. We swear, it’s like it knew what we were making, and exactly how we wanted it made.

Truly, the mixer of our dreams. —Noa Nichol


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