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Watch: Hitting the Trails with Juice Truck & Tight Club

August 12, 2015

Here in Vancouver we’re all mountain-hiking juice-drinkers, right? Surprisingly, not local luminary Ken Tsui of Here There, who attempts his first-ever hike before our very eyes in this video (will he persevere? Find out!). Of course, solo rookie hiking is a no-go, so we thought it appropriate that Keighty Gallagher of Vancouver fitness studio Tight Club accompany him for the sake of safety and a few exercise pointers/dance-moves we can all benefit from. Also, Ryan and Zach from Juice Truck came along (did you know they guys hatched the concept for their juicery while hiking Everest?) brining with them a mysterious, blood-red beverage with a powerful effect… Find out what by watching this all new Let’s Go video! 


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