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Get in on this Pop-Up Dinner Series

August 18, 2015

3Recently, we received an invite to a dinner entitled "Illusion of Coffee."

The invitation (featuring a latte artfully shot from above in black and white) tipped us off to the nature of things: this was to be one of those enigmatic, mysterious pop-up dinners one generally only clues in on *after* they happen. One of those chic, long-table bedecked in un-scultpted florals, intimate-yet-social affairs full of great conversationalists wearing many thin rings on their fingers at once. Most importantly, there was going to be coffeeprobably even coffee we could eat. We were in. 

2Held at Revolver Cafe, Chef Jefferson Alvarez (previously of Fraiche; Secret Location) served an inventive and sustainable 5-course meal to a fun and interesting crowd. Frothy cauliflower gazpacho with Northern Divine caviar, crispy shallots, and a green oil of pressed sea kale, wild pineapple chamomile, Douglas fir, and wild celery leaves was followed by a meaty sturgeon loin (a good fish to plump for, considering its flesh is regularly discarded post caviar-harvest, and it’s totally delicious). Dessert was a tasty parfait with the essence of green coffee, freshly foraged blackberries, and sponge cake.


The food, company and atmosphere made for a super different, memorable night out; one we’d highly recommend experiencing yourself. The next dinner is on September 12th, in collaboration with Kitsilano’s 05 Tea. Early October sees a night c/o the guys from Juice Truck. This Artful Tasting Menu Series is one cool local event you should definitely be in on. —Adrienne Matei

For tickets to the next Artful Tasting Menu Series by When They Find Us & Chef Jefferson Alvarez, click here.

Photos by Luis Valdizon


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