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Easy, Perfect Dorm Room Décor

September 11, 2015

dorm room decorGot kids heading to college for the first? Despite the excitement of starting a new chapter, moving out of one’s childhood bedroom can be emotional, and impersonal dorm rooms can leave nervous freshmen with a case of the sads (we speak from experience). A few warm touches help—like these pieces, perfect for easily sprucing up student residence:

just dance: Blank walls are a bummer. Combat industrial sterility with this cute-but-not-saccharine inspirational art print ($18), which reflects the student mentality well.

foxhey foxy: Consider this fox pillow ($48) a sweet and on-trend alternative to the pile of childhood stuffies left at home.

mermaid beddingbed time: A bed is most likely the single largest item in a dorm room, so a cool duvet—like this beautiful, Vancouver-made violet mermaid-scales cover ($328)—can make a massively good impact.

hamperhamper helper: Nobody’s going to be picking up after your kids at school, so you can either trust they’ll be really on it so far as frequent laundering goes, or you can provide them with a cute cloud canvas storage hamper ($54) to at least control the chaos.

When you come to visit, they be proud to show you around their awesome room. —Adrienne Matei


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