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Luxe Cookware to Celebrate a Williams-Sonoma Milestone

September 23, 2015

williams-sonomaYou likely have Williams-Sonoma in your kitchen, but do you know the story behind the name?

In 1953, company founder Chuck Williams journeyed to France with friends, where he discovered a quality of cookware far superior to any he’d seen in America. With a pile of omelette pans and soufflé moulds in tow, he trekked back to the States and opened his first store in Sonoma, California … effectively changing the way North America thinks about the culinary arts. With October 2nd marking his 100th birthday, Williams-Sonoma is serving up a limited-edition collection featuring its founder’s own signature, all available online.

So, grab a special-edition Wooden Lemon Reamer (pictured, $13) and celebrate Chuck’s birthday. Your dinner will thank you. —Megan Bourassa


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