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5 Energy Saving Tips for Offtober From BC Hydro

October 1, 2015

offtoberOctober marks the beginning of many things: crisper, shorter days, turkey dinners and the mad dash to find the perfect Halloween costume. It’s also the time of year when we crank the heat and turn on more lights in our homes—and, since wasting electricity is never cool, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite energy-saving tips, courtesy of BC Hydro, to help you stay happy and toasty this "Offtober."

get romantic: It may sound cliché, but when was the last time you actually turned the lights off, lit a bunch of candles and dined in the flattering flame-light with your honey? These things keep getting suggested for a reason, people.

do the wave: Not only is your blow dryer an energy suck, it may also be hurting your hair. Instead, towel dry your locks instead, braid two pigtails and leave them in overnight. Comb out come morning, add a bit of sea-salt texturizing spray and voila—the perfect messy waves, hair dryer-free.

bc hydroom sweet om: Looking for a way to gain back some energy, while you conserve it? Power down your phone, dim the lights, settle into Lotus Position and focus on pulling back all the energy you expended throughout the day. Your spirit, and the grid, will thank you.

disconnect: Unplug small appliances when you’re not using them! Turning the blender "off" post morning-smoothie prep doesn’t mean it isn’t using power; rather, “ghost currents” are running through it constantly for things like lights and display clocks, and their effect on your monthly bill is less than spectral.

bundle up: We never thought we’d say this, but we really want a turtleneck sweater. Maybe it’s cause they were championed on the NYFW 15 runways from Thakoon to DKNY to Altuzarra, but turning down the heat and putting on a seriously warm knit top has never seemed like a better idea.

Save your energy, it’s worth it. —Vitamin Daily


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