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10 Non-Candy Treats for Trick or Treaters

October 28, 2015

With allergies becoming more and more common, trick or treating can get very stressful. Throwing away more than half of your kid’s candy haul certainly isn’t in the festive spirit. Also, we don’t want to worry about whether that cute little bumblebee at the door will be able to enjoy the Snickers bar we gave them. To help ease the pain of food sensitivities, we have compiled this list of candy alternatives to give out to trick or treaters this Halloween. Who said treats have to be candy anyway? — Megan Bourassa


10 Non-Candy Treats for Trick or Treaters

By Vitamin Daily

This is not a trick! Many kids these days have food allergies, and can’t enjoy their Halloween candies. Scare away food sensitivities with these 10 candy alternatives for trick or treating.

  • Halloween Maze Puzzles

    By Vitamin Daily

    Admit it, these mazes kept you busy for hours when you were a kid. Experience some childhood nostalgia while giving these out to trick or treaters this Halloween.

  • Halloween Playing Cards

    By Vitamin Daily

    Spook up the next Go Fish game by treating kids to this festive deck of Halloween playing cards.

  • Ghost Sidewalk Chalk

    By Vitamin Daily

    Kids definitely won’t be afraid to reveal their drawing talents with this spook-tacular ghost sidewalk chalk!

  • Halloween Paratroopers

    By Vitamin Daily

    How cute are these Halloween Paratroopers? We’ve all played with these at some point, so they will be a treat for kids and parents alike!

  • Halloween Bubbles

    By Vitamin Daily

    Halloween is magical, and so are bubbles. These cute little character bottles will be a fun alternative to the average chocolate bar.

  • Halloween Stamps

    By Vitamin Daily

    These cute stamps will have kids scaring their friends long after Halloween.

  • Customizable Pumpkin Stickers

    By Vitamin Daily

    Encourage creativity by giving kids these DIY pumpkin face stickers on Halloween!

  • Bendable Monsters

    By Vitamin Daily

    Greet your trick or treaters with these adorable bendy monsters this year.

  • Watch It Grow Pumpkin

    By Vitamin Daily

    Another blast from the past. This grow-your-own pumpkin will provide days of entertainment for the kids who come knocking at your door this Halloween.

  • Halloween PlayDoh

    By Vitamin Daily

    PlayDoh was one of our favourite childhood toys. Share the fun with these Halloween inspired colours.


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