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OnHub is One Router You Won’t Want to Hide

October 28, 2015

onhubTechnology may be shaping our future, but it isn’t always advancing our home décor game.

Case in point: we can’t count the number of times we’ve stuffed electronic devices under a desk or into a closet in an effort to hide their tangle of ugly cords. Enter OnHub ($270 at Best Buy)—a collab between Google and TP-Link to create a more stylish and effective router. The device’s simple and sleek exterior, with hidden antennae and minimal wires, begs to be displayed out in the open … where, ironically, the Internet connection is likely to be better. Best of all, OnHub is entirely controlled through a mobile app, making it simple to manage your settings wherever you are. You can even monitor exactly how your bandwidth is being used, and by who.

Smart and stylish, it’s our brand-new tech centerpiece this fall. —Megan Bourassa


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