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Chef Mark McEwan’s Holiday Hosting Tips

December 17, 2015
How do you give guests a good time when they pop over unannounced? Top Chef Canada judge Mark McEwan says, “I always keep some essentials on hand to make it look as though I was expecting them.” We ask the celebrity chef for his holiday entertaining essentials.  
1.     Bottle of White Wine: This is self-explanatory! I keep a Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc chilled and ready because its citrus and passion fruit notes work wonderfully with a wide variety of foods.
2.     Hard and Soft Cheese: Serving some cheeses on a small plate is the simplest way to impress.
3.     Fresh Hazelnuts: You can snack on them raw, but I suggest pan roasting them quickly, then crushing them to top one of the soft cheeses.
4.     Salami: Keep two or three different textures and tastes in the fridge that you can use to make a great platter in a hurry.
5.     Pickled Products: I always have some pickled ramps, beets or onions as they make a great snack and are a perfect accompaniment to a charcuterie platter.
On the other hand, if you’re heading to someone else’s party, bring along some of Chef Mark’s lobster spoons. Get the recipe here. —Miranda Sam
Chef Mark McEwan


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