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Hapa You Tried This Ramen Yet?

January 28, 2016

There’s another addition to the piping hot ramen scene, this time it’s by the trusted restaurant veterans of Hapa Izakaya.

Choose from three kinds of creamy chicken-based broths carefully simmered for six hours at Hapa Ramen. We tried the deliciously rich Shoyu broth, callibrated with five different soy sauces and topped with black charred onion oil—trust us, it’s much more appetizing than it sounds! Word on the street is that they’ll also add the crowd favourite miso broth soon, so hold your “miso ____” jokes for now. But whichever soup base you get, you won’t go wrong: each meal comes with fresh locally made thin noodles, an organic and free range egg, and naturally raised cha shu pork. Can ramen get any more West Coast?

The West End’s Ramen Alley is conveniently located on Robson Street, but we’d gladly follow our noses down any alley for these num-in-my-tum noodles. — Miranda Sam

Hapa Ramen, 1479 Robson St., Vancouver. 604-689-4272.

Hapa Ramen


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