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Decorating trick for renters that won’t sacrifice the security deposit

February 17, 2016

When you rent a place you might find your décor options limited. There are tips and tricks for decorating that don’t involve tools, however we have yet to see a wall decal that compares to Artis Wall.  

The company offers a high end, chic way to add flare and cosiness to any space in your home. The best part is the easy installation that leaves no marks or residue behind. For 250 dollars you can get 20 square feet of panels that instantly adds class to any space! And it’s not just for renters, if you’re like me you constantly want to switch up spaces in your home. So with this concept there’s no commitment! You can try it above the fire place, on a designated wall, lay it horizontally or vertically for whatever look you want to achieve.

It’s something freshly sophisticated, for the ever changing mind. Madison Arrotta

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