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4 Reasons We Love Karla Sax

March 1, 2016

This may be the first you’re hearing of Karla Sax, but it certainly won’t be the last, (especially if you have a party to plan). Here, four facts about the talented musician:

1) Karla Sax is a rarity. She’s a female saxophone player (which makes her rare enough) who performs live over DJ tracks—anything from lounge hits, to your favourite top 40 tune.

2) She was recently featured in the New York Couture Fashion Week which makes her unique—and chic.

3) She’s opened for John Legend, which ups her cool factor in a major way.

4) She’s based in Vancouver but is also a jetsetter. So no matter where you are, she can bring her party-making sax sounds to you—from London to Spain, to Cabo to The Cayman Islands. 

Watch out for her at (or book her for) your next soirée … — Aleeza Khan

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