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Dating in the digital era with Happn

March 2, 2016

Have you ever been on the subway and spotted a cutie next to you but were too shy to say something? Leave it to the French to make the romance happen. Launched in that country in 2014, Happn fills your feed with potential dates (based on your pre-selected age settings) you’ve crossed paths with in real life. That’s right, Happn is all about location, location, location. If these individuals were within roughly a block of your location and they have a profile on Happn, they will come up in your feed. Tap ‘Like’ and you’ll be notified if they have done the same.

happn dating app

After a week on Happn we found the results to be quite positive. Not only did we get an influx of attractive males on our feed (many of them creative professionals working in our tech-startup neighbourhood), but we were also “charmed” (shown interest) right away which allowed for multiple conversations to begin.

photoBack to the charms, these are virtual notifications that you can send to your suitors should you feel so inclined. We received a few of these bad boys and found them to be the icebreaker we needed. 

Along with receiving a few charms we also managed to land some “crushes” (i.e. mutual interest) along the way. In fact one suitor even struck up a conversation beginning with a marriage proposal—no, we’re not kidding! Don’t sweat it if the other person doesn’t like you back, because in the world of Happn you only communicate if the interest is mutual. We were so happy to find out that the guys we had been crushing on (okay, obsessing over) at the cafe down the block from our office were found on our feed. Everything happns for a reason right? (See what we did there?)

If your weekends are like ours and consist of busy errands, running to the gym and taking our dog for a walk, then that leaves scarce time for dating doesn’t it? Thanks to Happn for doing the work for us. —Vitamin Daily

Download Happn for free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


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