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Weird Al to Replace Guns N’ Roses at Coachella

March 31, 2016

Our bags are packed with cute boho dresses, floppy hats and our Coachella tickets, but the annual music fest, starting April 15, just won’t be the same without headliners Guns N’ Roses … Organizers announced today that Slash is out of commission after a pool game gone wrong. Luckily Weird Al Yankovic has cleared his schedule to fill in, and is gearing up to perform some of his latest hit singles including "Me, Myself and Pie," "Hotdog Bling," and "Hams to Myself."

What’s that, you say? You want a refund for the $1,000 you forked out for VIP tickets? Sorry, organizers aren’t reimbursing so you’ll have to find someone to buy them off of you …

Weird Al

Happy April Fools’ from the team at Vitamin Daily!



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