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Get Set For Beach Season With Pro Trainer Tips

May 24, 2016

We caught up with Toronto-based trainer (clients include the L.A. Lakers) and juicing guru Kirsty Dunne for her tips on getting bikini-ready, STAT. — Krystin Tysire

What routine do you give your clients who want to get beach-ready fast?

By applying HIIT (high intensity interval training) with body weight and resistance band training you are able to target multiple muscle groups to bring out muscle definition that most machines can’t. Machines can limit the body’s ability to move in multiple directions and neglect areas—the band is more functional and etches out more definition for sleek looking muscles.

My 21 Day Metabolic Shape Up program is a three-phase approach that transforms bodies from the inside out through customized juicing, nutrition and workout plans that banish calorie counting, hours in the kitchen and long trips to the gym.

kirsty dunne

What are your top food recommendations for increasing energy and stamina for working out?

As the ambassador for Nature’s Emporium, I’m always searching for effective pre-workout and meal ideas to share. I love making acai berry bowls with low-sugar fruits and sprinkling them with chia seeds and mushroom powder. This combination delivers more sustained energy for workouts. The mushroom powder is great for mixing into just about anything to promote healthy blood circulation, digestion, and to delay fatigue.

What are the best ways to become toned for the summer if you work full-time?

Quality over quantity of time! For clients who have busy schedules and long hours at the office, I recommend igniting those feel-good endorphins with an active approach to tackling your daily tasks. By creating a circuit out of your daily routine, you burn calories and tone while getting tasks done! Ride to work, then take the stairs and when heading to the next meeting power walk in intervals. There are also little things you can do throughout the day to get toned like taking a few minutes alone at the office to perform dips off your chair until failure. At your lunch break plan a 30 minute workout with a colleague outdoors such as a powerwalk, or use bands in the park. Track your progress and come up with new ideas!

kirsty dunne

We’re wondering, why did you choose Adidas as your sponsor?

I have always been a fan of ADIDAS. They have recently launched the #HereToCreate campaign that brings together women, ambassadors and influencers to inspire other women to use creativity to redefine sport and tackle challenges. I have always emphasized the importance of women empowering women so I was thrilled to align with ADIDAS to spread the message.

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