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She Built That: Vancouver’s hottest knitwear designer Sandra Zovko talks

October 25, 2016

As a child, Sandra Zovko would watch as her mother, Mila Zovko, spent hours knitting balls of colourful yarn into multi-pattern sweaters for Sandra and her siblings. When Mila passed away in 2008, she inherited her mother’s collection of beautiful, geometric-pattern sweaters, which swiftly became a staple in her wardrobe.

It wasn’t long before the compliments started streaming in. The people had spoken; this was a business opportunity Sandra couldn’t deny. After two years of building up the business off the side of her desk, Mila Zokvo’s namesake launched in 2014.

In this week’s installment of She Built That, Tarah Ferguson chats with Sandra about the secrets to her success as a small business owner (hint: failure can be a good thing). Listen on! 


Mila Zovko


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