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Hot Shop: The Undercroft Barber Shop

February 28, 2017

Once upon a time men would look forward to visiting their local barber—not just for the cut, mind you, but for the casual vibe (not to mention, the bonding time between barber and dude).


Somewhere along the way this experience went a-mess, leaving our gents to hop from salon to salon based on their lady’s picks or whatever seemed convenient.
 Enter the Undercroft Barber Shop: a contemporary spin on the traditional, where guys seeking a quality cut, shave, style, colour can go, while enjoying a cool vibe atmosphere and old-school community feel. Along with perks like complimentary espresso coffees, Undercroft’s commitment to being green gets a clean vote, using Easydry towels that are sustainably made and (wonder of all wonders!) do not require a washing machine. If that’s not stellar enough, this barber also offers gender-neutral pricing based on hair length and thickness—and not on anything else.

Wonder if their apricot poodle of residence, Atlas gets a price break too? He’s been known to make cameos every so often. —Aurea Dempsey

The Undercroft Barber Shop, 1965 W 4th Ave., Vancouver, 604-742-0034,


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