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Wines With Conscience

March 9, 2017

There may be no libation more fitting to practise sustainability with than wine—a manifestation of the soil from which it grows, showcasing nature in all its glory.

The good news: you a) need only know a few basics to find some spectacular wines that come with a clean conscience and b) don’t need to look far. Canada is rich with innovative winemakers aggressively committed to creating products that treat Mother Nature with respect and humanity and showcase the purest form of terroir possible. So first thing’s first: shop local! Next, get to know your wineries. Get online, ask friends or talk to the staff at your wine store. Labels for organic wines can be helpful, but small wineries will often eschew proper certification due to cost and bureaucracy even though they’re committed to sustainable practices. Do a little wine work on your end and you’ll find diamonds in this rough, corporate world of smoke and mirrors. Lastly, understand this is an adventure into a budding world of sustainable winemaking, which can vary stylistically from winemaker to winemaker. As with all wine, there will be some you like and some that won’t make the cut. Take pride in knowing where your wine comes from, and that each drop carries the love, dedication and vivacity of the winemakers who crafted it.

Support them, and support this world. —Laura Starr

eco wine

Nichol Vineyard; Naramata Bench, B.C. With minimal intervention, these wines come un-fined, unfiltered, with no additives—and they are technically vegan! An eco-shout-out to this vineyard’s efforts to convert to dry farming (no irrigation). Look for: Nichol Old Vines Syrah.

eco wine

Pearl Morissette; Niagara, Ontario. Winemaker Francois Morissette uses alternative methods to pesticides, one reason being to protect the integrity of the bees that inhabit the farm. Look for: Pearl Morissette Cuvée Madeline Cabernet Franc.

eco wine

Benjamin Bridge; Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia. Certified Organic in 2008, a process that takes several years to realize, this Maritime champion crafts quality sparkling wines that have been hailed as the best in Canada. Look for: Benjamin Bridge Brut.


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