These Shoes Were Made for Wee Ones

March 24, 2017

My 15-month-old daughter has a major shoe fetish. Seriously, it seems like all of her time these days is spent either asking us to put on HER shoes or asking us to put on OUR shoes (requests that are made via aggressive pointing and grunting, which, with non-compliance, escalates quickly to full-blown yelling; fun).

aston baby

As such, I was delighted to bring home a pair of Aston Baby shoes; one look at these adorable Mary Jane-esque booties in their tiny, baby-sized box and I knew they’d be a hit with the little miss. Designed lovingly for wee ones age zero to 18 months by Canadian mom Rebecca Aston, this charming line was launched just last year and thus far includes four fashionable shades (tan, cherry red, navy and white) of a style called the Shaughnessy, named after a beautiful Vancouver neighbourhood known for its timeless craftsman-built homes (the parallel with the product is obvious). Soft yet sturdy, each shoe features a flexible top and sides, a durable sole made with first steppers in mind and a clever Velcro strap disguised as a classic buckle. Best of all, while SHE loves how easy they are to get on, I love how hard they are to get off.

The tantrums over footwear may not subside, but at least she’ll look good doing it. —Noa Nichol



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