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Is Au Naturel the Best Option for Your Hair?

March 30, 2017

Our luscious locks are, admittedly, regularly tamed with hair products and heated tools to achieve the desired look. But does hair require quite as much maintenance as we think? Some of us may squirm at the thought of putting down the shampoo or saying au revoir to the hair straighteners, but natural hair care may not be so bad. Take a look at some of the ways you can maintain your hair naturally:

au naturel hair

brushing. The art of hair brushing and its benefits has sadly fallen by the wayside in favour of hair clips, tools and products. However, combing the hair once or twice a day detangles the strands and gets rid of dead hair. Brushing your hair thoroughly with a soft bristled brush distributes oil throughout your hair leaving it soft and giving it a glossy sheen. It also prevents hair from appearing greasy when the oil accumulates on the scalp. Try a boar-bristle brush or an animal-friendly cotton brush as a natural alternative to synthetic soft brushes.

shampooing. Going natural with your hair care doesn’t have to mean eliminating shampoo altogether. Whiole store-bought shampoos are frequently filled with unpleasant chemicals that can lead to split ends and dried-out hair, there are more organic, chemical-free ways to clean your locks than ever before. Why not make your own shampoo free from chemicals? You will be saving your hair as well as helping the environment. Ingredients to add to your natural shampoo include:

Almond oil
Coconut milk
Liquid castile soap (for lather)

Remember: you don’t have to wash your hair every day as this is likely to cause further damage.

styling. How can you possibly tame the frizz/curls/kinks in your hair without a blow drier or hair straightener? Those with afro-style hair may also worry about how to style it without products. However, there are ways around this. To put the moisture back into frizzy and curly hair, try a DIY treatment made from bananas or beer. The proteins in beer help repair damage while the natural sugars strengthen hair. Bananas contain natural oils which keep your hair moist. Just blend with yogurt and apply to your hair. Rinse with cold water to close the cuticles, preventing more frizz. Style your hair using non-heated rollers or leave straight hair au naturel and you’re good to go.

Natural hair care is a great choice for those with an aversion to chemicals or those with allergies. Why not give it a go? —Jenny Holt


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