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TaroScope: April 2017

April 3, 2017

Your future is bright—or, at least, predictable (in the best possible way) thanks to our brand-new resident tarot expert Kerry Ward, whose horoscopes also star in Cosmo UK. To kick her monthly VITA reading off, Kerry reveals what’s in store for the air, earth, fire and water signs among us this April (hint: this Pisces is about to banish some bad apples from her life)!


air signs: libra, aquarius, gemini (the hermit, justice, the hierophant, nine of coins). Put some space between you and what troubles you. Consciously retreat to find a dark, quiet corner … and don’t return until you have found a light. Come forth with solutions that benefit everyone involved, protect you now and, importantly, don’t damage your future prospects. Slow down over this process, neutralize your emotions, play "the long game". Have faith in "being nice and act as though the universe (and karma) is watching you!


earth signs: capricorn, virgo, taurus (seven of cups, ten of swords, knight of cups, the chariot). Oh, do stop faffing and LEAVE! All plans and no action = no results. You can’t expect things to improve if you languish in the same conditions. Stop procrastinating and obsessing, and move on. The positive energy of this relationship / job / arrangement has run dry; denying this will just constrain you in this increasingly painful place. You ARE strong enough, you WILL survive. Wiser, tougher and ready for new energy to replace what was lost.


fire signs: leo, aries, sagittarius (the lovers, the magician, ten of wands, wheel of fortune). Ready for change? I hope so. Ever noticed how when you alter one thing, it knocks on across your life? This spring / summer is going to mark the start of such a chain reaction: a powerful new (or a deeper) love, a sharpening of skills and focus in your career, even moving toward self employment and, importantly, releasing some of the burdens and baggage you carry. But where will the domino effect start? You choose!


water signs: cancer, pisces, scorpio (seven of swords, page of swords, queen of cups, wheel of fortune). Someone, or something, isn’t being straight with you. Can you sense it? You’re adept at recognizing insincerity, but you’ve been missing the signals here. They’re fleeting and in your periphery vision, vs. straight ahead. Re-tune. Can you sense it now? Don’t be scared of what you’ll find if you dig. Nothing worth knowing is found on the surface. Find the culprit, release this energy and unleash a host of new opportunities and changes thus thwarted by this "bad apple".

Kerry Ward is Cosmopolitan UK magazine’s resident tarot expert, and has been reading the cards for happy clients all over the world the last 20 years. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, here. Follow Kerry on Facebook and Instagram.


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