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The Workout that Made Us Smile

May 3, 2017

We’re putting a fresh take—or shall we say spin—on our tooth-brushing routine.

spinbrush sonic plus

To launch its new Spinbrush Sonic Pulse, Arm & Hammer recently invited us to join them for a morning spin class at Toronto’s Spokehaüs studio—and, we must say, a little spinning action on a bike paired with the same for our teeth was definitely an eye-opening way to start the day! The Spinbrush Sonic Pulse is Arm & Hammer‘s first battery powered toothbrush with sonic pulsating action, which removes twice as much plaque compared to an old-fashioned manual brush. We love its slim design, which makes cleaning our teeth and gums a breeze, and the fact that the Spinbrush Sonic Pulse comes with an extra brush head (translation: one less trip to the drugstore).

Spin (and Sonic Pulse!) for the win. —Karen Kwan

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse, $9.99, available at select mass, drug and grocery retailers across Canada.


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