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TaroScope: August 2017

July 31, 2017

Your future is bright—or, at least, predictable (in the best possible way) thanks to our resident tarot expert Kerry Ward, whose horoscopes also star in Cosmo UK. This month, Kerry reveals what’s in store for the air, earth, fire and water signs among us (she’s bang-on about water signs like us)!

tarot august

air signs: libra, aquarius, gemini (seven of coins, page of swords, knight of cups). A new attitude will get you past this plateau. Up to now you’ve been a cynical, wry observer of a situation that is causing an issue. You’ve not wanted to get stuck in it, and have remained on the sidelines, detached and cool. But, unfortunately, things won’t change til you jump in. Do so with as much positivity as you can muster: make the job a game, make the task fun. A spoonful of sugar will help this medicine go down!

tarot august

earth signs: capricorn, virgo, taurus (five of swords, king of wands, nine of wands). This is the last stretch of a tough time; you’ve got this! You face one last test in an area of life you’re already wearied by. Ongoing conflict has led you to believe this might lead to a hollow victory—and you’re not wrong, so draw things to a conclusion swiftly and forget about who’s right or wrong. Be bold and take a risk to shut this sitch down. Enough’s enough.

tarot august

fire signs: leo, aries, sagittarius (three of coins, page of cups, four of swords). Taking a time out will actually move you further faster. Sometimes we can only go so far on our own, using our willpower and talents to propel us forward. Now is a time to actually take a break, a time out from the fray. Do something silly and fun. Let your imagination take you on a playful adventure. And, you know what? It’s in this reverie that you’ll find crystal clarity about your next move.

tarot august

water signs: cancer, pisces, scorpio (eight of cups, ten of wands, death). Leave behind something that has drained you; it’s time for a change. You’ve taken on heavy burdens and carried them for a long time and, deep inside, you’re yearning to change course and move forward lighter and brighter. You can! Follow this yearning, even if it means leaving something behind. A real, significant change is achievable by putting things down which have become too heavy.

Kerry Ward is Cosmopolitan UK magazine’s resident tarot expert, and has been reading the cards for happy clients all over the world the last 20 years. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, here. Use the coupon code COSMO20 to get 20% off, exclusive to Vita readers.


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