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How to Get Un-Stuck After Summer

August 20, 2017

As the end of summer approaches, our thoughts are turning to cooler weather, cute sweaters, the happy return of ankle boots and kicking off a healthy outlook for fall. Among the best good-body tips for this time of year: drinking plenty of water (to ward off dehydration and flush out toxins, including those caused by too many summertime cocktails); rejigging our exercise routine (as temperatures begin to drop, it may be necessary to take our workout indoors—luckily, spinning is one of our fave new ways to sweat); and, for those of us who face constipation (hey, we’re more numerous than you think, with nearly a quarter of Canadians affected by some form of this issue each year), finding better options for getting our systems "un-stuck."

lax a day

Enter Lax-A: maker of Lax-A-Day, the #1 doctor-recommended laxative in its class. The company has just added four products to offer a tailored approach to relieving occasional constipation—because, whether you’ve been doing a ton of travelling this summer and find your body’s off track, or are lacking fibre in your diet, are taking certain medications, or are simply under a lot of stress, different needs call for different laxatives. In the Lax-A lineup:

> Lax-A-Day 60 doses: An effective and gentle relief laxative, for occasional constipation, offered in a valued-sized 60-dose format, taste-free and 100% soluble.
> Lax-A Fibre: 100% naturally sourced psyllium fibre for daily use, suitable for those who lack dietary fibre (48 doses/ 336g).
> Lax-A Senna: Naturally sourced sennoside tablets for overnight relief from occasional constipation (110 tablets).
> Lax-A Nema: A single dose rectal solution for adults that provides immediate relief from occasional constipation (130ml).

Summer may be on its way out but, if your constipation is, too, that’s something to smile about! —Vita Daily


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