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5 Buzzy Health Products You Need to Try Now

August 31, 2017

If you’re wondering what we do in our spare time, check your local health supplements store or Whole Foods—guilty as charged! Really, nothing excites us more than seeing new healthy products on the shelves. Here are five on our radar for the taking, blending and enjoying. —Aurea Dempsey

new health products

coast cricket protein. Yes, cricket protein! And no, this isn’t some passing fad. Along with providing a lean source of protein, crickets are a highly sustainable resource, rich in calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. For a superior source, try Coast Protein’s newest cricket protein powder. Available in vanilla and chocolate, it’s rich and creamy and sweetened with stevia. Just how we like it!

new health products

bulletproof brain octane oil. Bulletproof coffee has been hot for years. Even hotter? Bulletproof (the company) just launched GoPacks of its hugely popular Brain Octane Oil so you can power up your coffee, salads, sushi, etc., whenever you please, while getting a healthy dose of fat-burning brain fuel.

new health products

genuine health fast joint care+ with fermented turmeric. You already know the benefits of turmeric (hello, nature’s best anti-inflammatory!) and, thanks to Genuine Health, you can now get a superior dose of it in newly launched fast joint care+ with fermented turmeric. We’ve been taking this formula for our runner’s legs and noticed a difference after just two days—that good!

new health products

moon juice dust powders. If you don’t know what adaptogens are, you’re about to find out. That’s because extracts like Lion’s mane, reishi, ashwagandha root and rhodiola, which help the body cope with stress, are now hotter than hot, with L.A.-based Moon Juice leading the charge. We’re a big fan of its Moon Dusts, including Beauty and Sleep.

new health products


pb&me powdered almond butter. As much as we love peanut butter, sadly, peanuts are linked to inflammation and can cause gut issues. Which is why we’re loving PB&Me’s new almond butter powder. With 90 per cent fewer calories and no sugar, it’s super-tasty on toast, in smoothies, baking and yogurt, without a peanut-worry.


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