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How to Improve the Peace on Your Morning School Run

September 29, 2017

Making our morning school run a smooth and fight-free event has now become (much!) easier thanks to LilGadgets Untangled Pro headphones ($70 at Best Buy).


Instead of backseat bickering over what music to listen to (Barney vs. Bieber) our kids can now use bluetooth wireless headphones by LilGadgets that are specially designed for wee ears with safety in mind (the volume is limited to 93db). Not only did our kids find the headphones comfy and easy to use, they loved the integrated SharePort that allowed those who could agree on a tune to groove together. The Untangled Pro comes in colours from minimalist black or white to grab-your-attention green. We chose green and are grateful the colour pops when we’re packing up at 8 a.m.

Is riding in the car with content kids a possibility? With Untangled Pro headphones it most certainly is … and that’s music to our ears! —Michelle Gadd


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