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Natural Care for Our Best-Ever Hair (Win an AG Hair Prize Pack!)

November 21, 2017

Our hair has found an all-new, natural best friend—forever. AG Hair’s new line of products have been stripped down to their essence and formulated with up to 98 per cent natural and nutritional, plant-based (read: vegan) ingredients, including organic apple cider vinegar (ACV), known for its numerous healing properties. The result: our hair has never looked or felt healthier, naturally, from the inside-out. Below, a product-by-product breakdown of this incredible good-for-all-hair-types (including colour-treated) collection, plus more on why we’re pledging perpetual tress allegiance to AG (psst: read to the end to enter to win a (naturally) beautiful prize pack). —Noa Nichol

ag hair natural

Balance: apple cider vinegar sulfate-free shampoo. With organic ACV for additional shine plus organic argan oil and aloe vera to smooth and moisturize, this all-around-perfect ‘poo gently cleanses the hair and scalp and boasts an exclusive blend of aromatherapeutic rosemary, lavender, lemongrass and clary sage essential oils to boot.

ag hair natural

Boost: apple cider vinegar conditioner. A sounds-good-enough-to-eat combo of coconut, rapeseed and rosehip oils, mango seed butter, olive leaf extract and hydrolyzed quinoa paired with shea butter and organic ACV nourishes, detangles and smooths hair while sealing in moisture. Best: a blend of rosemary, lemongrass, clary sage and vanilla essential oils provide a fragrant feast for the nasal senses.

ag hair natural

Remedy: apple cider vinegar leave on mist. Looking for a product that detangles, reduces frizz, adds shine and balances the pH of the hair? Look no further than this potent elixir, chock-full of healthy ingredients like organic ACV to leave hair feeling noticeably smoother while helping to restore strength, elasticity and lock in moisture, long term.

ag hair natural

Rosehip balm: hair dry lotion. This balm makes both blow drying and air drying much, much, MUCH more manageable (trust us). Rosehip oil helps smooth, calm and seal the hair while organic ACV, coconut oil, mango seed butter and hydrolyzed quinoa help banish frizz, rebuild strength and add shine and elasticity. Pro tip: apply a quarter-size amount to clean, damp hair (focusing more on ends), comb hair and blow or air dry. Style as usual.

ag hair natural

Dry lift: texture and volume paste. Instantly adding grit, volume and texture, this hip natural lift is ideal for refreshing second-day hair and creating flawless head-turning updos. Simply emulsify a small amount in the hands and apply to the roots of the hair for instant volume and oil absorption, then style as desired. For a "piecey" look, work through hair, focusing on ends.

Win! A $134 AG Hair Natural Prize Pack!

One lucky reader will win all five products in AG Hair’s new Natural range. Let us know in the comments below why you’d like to win this prize (not mandatory, but we’d love you for it!) and enter now, here!


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