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Fashion Design 101

November 27, 2017

Fashion has practically taken over the entire world. There are even real-money casino online games based on fashion (no wonder, considering fashion is one of the top revenue-generating industries in the world). Fashion designers are responsible for the entire creativeness we see on runways, fashion TV shows and magazines. While some designers actually go to school to learn fashion designing, others are naturally born with the talent.

fashion design

There are so many popular fashion brands out there that to mention a few would be an injustice. These design houses usually showcase their designs at fashion shows across the globe. Milan, Paris, New York, London and Venice are the most well-known cities to host fashion shows. Fashion shows in these cities attract the world’s attention. All the fashion elite come to these events.

Moreover, fashion lovers can witness superb latest and top-trending fashion designs from television shows. TV stations that promote fashion include FTV (Fashion Television). This channel showcases fashion designs from the best runaways and designers in the world.

Of course, there can be no fashion industry without the glamorous models that give it glitz. These models are regarded as fashion marketers responsible for promoting different fashion designs. Fashion models are important in introducing and selling new fashion designs.

Fashion magazines keep people up to date with the latest trends from summer, winter and fall to spring wear. Trends are always changing and it’s always important to know what is currently hot.

Anything is now available online including fashion shops. It’s not only casino games (see for more information). Celebrities are usually the people who set the fashion trends as they are influential to a lot of people. Fashion trends are set in many arenas. Some of the platforms include red carpet events and other types of runways. People tend to react positively to a certain fashion style worn by celebrities and this is why many celebrities are on different cover pages of magazines or TV advertisements.


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